1. Where do I buy these wigs?



    2. How much are they?

      Each wig varies in price depending on style.  Also check out the description of each wig.


      3. Do they come with a wig cap?

        Yes! You get a FREE basic wig cap with each order.


        4. Does that material on your forehead stay there? How do you hide it?

          That material is lace! It’s used to give the hair line a realistic look as each strand is hand tied into it. BUT the excess gets cut off. All you do is cut right along the hairline until it’s off. More information about cutting the lace is on the website http://www.sophialyn.ca/pages/cutting-lace 


          5. Can you wash the wig?

            Yes! Although you shouldn’t need to often. For detailed information about washing and caring for your wig www.sophialyn.ca/pages/wig-care


            6. Can you cut bangs into a wig?

              As long as it is a free part wig, bangs can be cut into them!


              7. Can you cut a wig?

                Yes!! Any wig can be custom cut by a hairdresser to suit your style. Trims, layers, thinning, whatever your wig needs to make it your own.


                8. What is a free part wig?

                  It’s a section of lace usually 13 inches by 4-7 inches of lace where the hair strands have been hand tied to mimic real hair. It can be parted anyway in this section.


                  9. What is a fixed part wig?

                    It’s a 0.5 - 1 inch by 4-6 inch of lace where the hair strands have been hand tied to mimic a real hair part. Depending on the style of the wig, it can be shifted to where your natural part would sit.


                    10. Do the wigs come in different sizes?

                      Each wig has adjustable straps inside the cap to accommodate most head sizes. Measuring the circumference of your head can help when choosing a wig. Check out www.sophialyn.ca/pages/sizing


                      11. Can I use hot tools on the wigs?

                        Yes, 99% of them you can. Make sure to check the description of the wig to see if it’s heat safe.


                        12. Do I need to shave my head to wear wigs?

                          NO!! All your hair, no matter how much, gets put under the wig cap and should wig under the wig. Kerri has posted a video of how she gets her thick curl hair under her wig, watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/kerri.banman1/videos/10158819296977139/


                          13. I want a wig that isn’t on the site anymore.

                            There is an album of all the past wigs on the site. www.sophialyn.ca/collections/past-wigs
                            Click on “Wig Request Form” to request a past wig.


                            14. Where are you located?

                            Sophia Lyn is located in central Alberta, Canada. We do ship worldwide and local pickup is also available.